One Man…One Battle…One Message

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“I have made the professional decision to speak on only ONE topic. OCD. I need to tell my personal, life changing story in hopes to save someone else that wants to give up.”  – Shane Shereck


Never Ever Give Up
A Survivors Story

Never ever give up is an outstanding presentation that is suited for audiences from the age of 13 -113. It will teach you how to push forward, keep the faith, believe, dream and conquer.  Delivering you the skills to overcome issues that hold you back in your education and your career. It will speak to individuals and corporations, gifting all who listen with the motivation, inspiration and commitment to find their true success and to always keep moving forward.  This extremely powerful presentation will leave you with chills as you listen to Shane describe what his life used to be like, and in awe as you witness the man he has now become.

What is OCD…Signs…Facts…Myths and Treatment Options

1 in 100 adults – or between 2 to 3 million adults in the United States – currently have OCD. This is roughly the same number of people living in the city of Houston, Texas.  There are also at least 1 in 200 – or 500,000 – kids and teens that have OCD. This is about the same number of kids who have diabetes. That means four or five kids with OCD are likely to be enrolled in any average size elementary school. In a medium to large high school, there could be 20 students struggling with the challenges caused by OCD. OCD affects men, women and children of all races and backgrounds equally. Shane will teach you what OCD is, facts and myths, treatment that he underwent and how to look for signs of OCD in adults, children, students or anyone that you might be concerned about. Learn how to recognize and possibly save a life before it’s too late.

Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, let go of it. Fear is a mind killer, face it.

Memories are sweet cherish them.

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