“Absolutely amazing presentation!  Thank you for sharing your life story!”

Nicci Domres
Child Protection Services
Ward County Social Services

“Shane made me feel very grateful for the life I was blessed with.  He made me think about my actions and how they affect people, both good and bad.  He was very REAL.  I could listen to what Shane had to say over and over again.  He is an amazing speaker.”

Brianna Jensen
Child Protection Services
Ward County Social Services

“Thank you so much for telling your story.  You are a wonderful person and it takes great courage to do what you do.  I truly appreciate you!  You have rekindled new inspiration in me.”

In-Home Health

“Very Inspirational!  Thank you for telling your story.”

Melissa S.

“This presentation was PHENOMINAL!  I am very thankful you shared this with us.”

Emily Dolinar
Childcare Licenser
Stark County

“This was AWESOME.  You are a true testament of STRENGTH and HOPE!”
Paige Werley
Family Service Specialist

“This was one of the best presentations I have ever heard.  It was heart breaking, encouraging, empowering and inspiring.  Don’t ever stop.”
Carrie Kovash
Social Worker

“I truly appreciate the topic of OCD being discussed in such a heartfelt way.  You have given me a better understanding of how important it is to be supportive of people struggling with this illness.  It has also helped me personally as I have been struggling with depression and have been thinking of suicide.  Thank you!  YOU HAVE SAVED ME!


“Dear Shane, I am truly sorry for the tortured, dark days you endured, but I thank the Lord for the GIFT OF YOU.  What an inspiration you are.  HIS WILL shines brightly through you.”

Jeri Weiss

“Shane’s speech was very touching.  I would recommend him to touch other people’s hearts and help other people struggling with OCD.  Shane touched my feelings because I have children with OCD.  His FAITH AND PERSISTANCE is very strong and the right direction to go.”


“Shane tells the truth and brings real life experiences to the surface. He helps others in their professional journey as well as their personal walk.”

Nancy Miller
Safety Program Coordinator

“I have had the opportunity to listen to Shane present and he brings so much passion and knowledge to the topic that you genuinely can feel how much he cares about the people he is educating.”

Tracy C., OTR
Occupational Health Specialist

“Shane’s expertise and motivation is dramatic to refocus any employee, help them find their purpose and improve their effectiveness, both professionally and personally.”

Joanna Etzler,
Program Director, Valley Lake Boys Home, Inc.

“Shane’s passionate presentation was captivating, meaningful information presented in a manner that is easily digested and internalized. The message delivered is one that sticks with you long after the session has ended. I found myself telling others about the content of his message and how we could apply it to our situation. Time very well spent.”

Lyle K
Product Services Manager

“Shane captivates his audience with nothing but raw emotion and a speaking ability like no other. In 60 minutes you come away with a renewed outlook on a positive life and you will want to share him with the rest of your facility.”

Amy U.
Middle School Educator

“Shane gave us a one hour keynote and most folks wished it was another hour. His personal stories combined with his humor, enthusiasm, encouragement and his love for LIFE were just what the staff needed.”

Dr. Steven L.

“Shane’s presentation was spot on for our workers. The message hit home in a very unique and thought provoking way.”

Chad L.
Construction Engineering

“Wow. Wow. AND WOW! Shane just knocked it out of the park! I saw people in our audience that normally don’t listen or pay attention doing so. I even witnessed an employee that doesn’t talk to others much get up after and shake Shane’s hand and thank him. If you are looking for something new you have to listen to Shane tell his story. You won’t forget it!”

Melissa M. / RN Staff Manager

“Shane is a dynamic and passionate speaker. He is better than most of the speakers that I have seen. He can actually speak! He doesn’t just take a canned presentation and twist it into a boring message like many do. He is the real deal!”

Brett B. / Safety Coordinator

“Shane came out and introduced himself and then he gave one of our co­workers a new lamp. He said we would figure it out at the end. It didn’t make sense at first but when he explained it, many of us were brought to tears. He is the best speaker I have ever listened to and he is sincere and inspiring. I hope our company will bring Shane in for all to hear!”

Lindsey R. / Sales and Marketing

I AM – Two of the most powerful words; for what you put after them shapes your reality.
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